The purpose of the Comebe is to recover the history and memory of the Battle of the Ebro, as well as the enhancement and management of the vestiges and memorial heritage in general that are linked to it.

The purpose of highlighting the memorial heritage of the Battle of the Ebro is to contribute to the knowledge, dissemination of the spaces and historical events of the Civil War, in order to promote awareness of the culture of peace and democratic values in society.

The promotion of the memorial heritage linked to the Battle of the Ebro also aims to develop memory tourism and contribute to the revitalization of the territory.

The recovery of the history and memory and the patrimonial management of the Battle of the Ebro is carried out through the preservation, conservation, maintenance, research, documentation, planning and dissemination of the memory sites linked to this warlike event.

The Consortium, in order to achieve these objectives, develops the following lines of action:

a) The management and maintenance of existing heritage assets (interpretation centres, with the objects that make up the respective collections; itineraries; signage and museumification outside of historical spaces) and, where appropriate, the creation, among the consortium members, of new assets.

b) The elaboration of a program of activities (exhibitions, colloquia, seminars, cycles of conferences, book presentations, documentaries, organization of commemorative acts, etc.) and of a line of educational resources adapted to the several training cycles and with a careful segmentation of audiences.

The promotion of research, discovery, learning and interest in the events of the Battle of the Ebro, in order to gather information and generate knowledge in relation to this historical event and its effects on the immediate territory and the people who suffered it.

d) The establishment of lines of work and collaboration with the Network of Memory Spaces of the Democratic Memorial and with other public or private bodies in Catalonia whose object or purpose is the recovery of democratic memory and memorial heritage of the Civil War.

e) Relationships, cooperation and the establishment of links with institutions and entities of a similar nature that work in the context of the Civil War, as well as, on an international scale, with other specialized institutions and entities that deal with armed civil conflicts and war in general as a global political, social, and cultural phenomenon.

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